Weekly Blog No 8 – Trip to the UK.

UK Flag.

UK Flag.

Sorry I have missed a couple of weeks but I had to rush back to the UK for a family emergency. You are never prepared for the telephone call, regarding loved ones. The adrenaline kicks in and you go into “can do mode”. I was very nervous about the 9 hr flight due to the cancer symptoms that I have, I took every possible precaution to avoid any problems before, during and after my flight. I can’t tell you the relief that I felt when I landed in London Gatwick at 6.30am but I still had a further 2-3hr car journey to my destination. Extra meds were taken in order to make the journey so I only had a couple of pit stops.

There was hugs, tears and even gobsmacked moments, as no one had seen me since I was diagnosed with cancer and certainly didn’t anticipate me going back with everything that I had been through. I was fortunate to see family & friends, speak to people on the phone and even got ripped to bits by my brothers. There was tears and laughter all week but most importantly was my loved ones were on the mend.

I can’t tell you how emotional my week was on so many levels but going back was very therapeutic and the timing was right. In order to get home, I missed a very important oncology appointment nevertheless that wasn’t important at the time as I knew I could reschedule an appointment for my return.

Some of my observations made in the UK.

  • Some areas/properties look so run down.
  • Supermarkets are way too busy.
  • Food choices in supermarkets is still amazing.
  • Fish & chips are still up there for me.
  • Chinese food  is so much better in the UK.
  • Books and clothing is so much cheaper.
  • Lifts/Elevators in hospitals are crazy as you have to push the button to your floor before entering the lift.
  • Doctors still wear white coats.
  • Overpriced car parking.

I still can’t believe I made it back to the UK and I know that I made the right choice. Always go with your gut.


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