Weekly Blog No 17 – A Book Collection Personality


This week I felt it was a good idea to make tidy my book shelves. I have a little star sticker on the book bound, which represents those I haven’t read as yet. The sticker is removed once the book has been read, a very easy solution to have I or haven’t I read this book.

My books are categorized by subject but not in alphabetical order, however the author is in alphabetical order within each category. Where I have numerous books by the same author I will line up the books on the shelf according to height, tallest being first. I can see some people laughing now and me questioning myself, do I have an OCD. Before you answer that, we all do somewhere in our lives. I certainly know I have a few around my house. Now that you have all stopped laughing I will continue. Whilst undertaking the task I soon realized that books must represent your personality in someway or another, nevertheless I felt the need to list the categories and one word to represent my personality.

Construction Books – Methodical

Interior Design Books – Creative

Cookery Books – Foodie

Travel Books – Adventurous

Self Help Books – Self Discovery

Romance Books – Endearing

Biography Books – Appreciation of someone’s life

True Crime Books – Inquisitive

Health Books – Mindfulness

Art Books – Artistic

History – Awareness

Reference – Open to learning

My list above shows that I have a wide range of subjects on my shelves and my personality traits are :- methodical, creative, foodie, adventurous, self discovery, endearing, appreciation of someone’s life, inquisitive, mindfulness, artistic, awareness and open to learning. Although I could have used additional words to describe my personality I thought I would ask my friends & family on Facebook if they felt that these words represented my character. The overall response was to add more words to my current list for example caring, loyal, determination, consideration to others, fabulous and trustworthy. These words surely illustrate my book collection personality too. Maybe a book collection really does say a lot about somebody, i wonder what cd’s and dvd’s says about somebody.

Copyright 2014 Zebrakat


3 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 17 – A Book Collection Personality

  1. storki says:

    Interesting concept Kat. I never thought to look at our books in that manner. Might have to see what our bookshelves say about me. lol xx


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