Weekly Blog No 27 – Welcome 2015


This year is all about self development and to achieve some new personal skills.


Firstly, I want to accomplish some new cooking skills. I have purchased the tools, a kitchenaid food processor and food mixer. My goal is to use as many unprocessed ingredients as possible and develop some healthy dishes for me and my husband. I’m not trying to change my way of eating as a result of the cancer as I have previously spent thousands on natural therapies and treatments prior to my diagnosis. My opinion at the minute is not a good one in that respect, I have invested in my body yet I have an incurable cancer so I’m struggling how it was beneficial to me. I do believe eating sensibly is beneficial for your body but not as a cancer cure. Perhaps my line of thought may change over the coming year.

Secondly, I would like to explore music, i don’t know whether to learn a new musical instrument as I can play a few or continue lessons in music theory. I loved music theory at school and wish that my school had offered the subject as CSE/GSC(High School) qualification. The fiddle seems appealing or perhaps I will do both. Time to investigate where to learn the fiddle.


Thirdly, I want to paint or craft in one way or another. Ideally it would be nice to earn some money from my existing skills.


Fourthly, I would to continue my writing skills as I do enjoy to writing. I have been writing for nearly a year and the feedback has been wonderful. Thank you to my readers, I shall continue to write with enthusiasm.


Fifthly, I would like to travel, nowadays this would be a huge achievement. I can’t help but hope that my cancer treatment will improve my quality of life thus allowing me to travel to see family & friends and to make new memories.

Hopefully in December, I will be able to inform my readers of my achievements. Do you have any personal goals his year?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 27 – Welcome 2015

  1. When Paul was diagnosed we went on a carb free diet as there was some information that it was beneficial. I didn’t believe, as some web sites claimed, that it cured cancer but still thought it worth a try. Who can say whether it helped but we both felt better that we were taking control of something and did feel better eating well, it stopped the numerous cheese sandwiches which we seemed to live on. So I think your aim of eating a healthy unprocessed diet is a really good one and cooking can be fun. I think your ideas are really good and look forward to seeing the results.


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    • Thank you Sally, I hope you’re doing ok. Yesterday I made grain free salmon patties ready for tonight’s supper. I’m going to try grain free flours and see if helps the bowels, nausea and fatigue. Let the cooking challenge begin.


  2. Jo says:

    Lovely goals. These are all enjoyable things and I could easily get on board your 2015 train. I look forward to see where you go with this list. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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