Weekly Blog No 29 – I’ve Reached Another Birthday. Whoop Whoop πŸ˜„


When you have cancer you wonder if you will ever reach another birthday. This time last year I was about to have my liver resection and gall bladder operation. I didn’t know what to expect and it was about 6 months since my previous operation so I was sick of being a patient. Furthermore I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect. I had 2 very experienced surgeons operating on me a neuroendocrine surgeon and liver surgeon. My birthday is on the 27th and last year it was nil by mouth in preparation for the operation, this year I do intend eating and drinking on my birthday.

I’m truly grateful that I’m here to celebrate another birthday so thank you to my care team. Do I feel better maybe not but I do have a life, yes I do. I know I don’t have a quality of life but it’s a life opposed to the other option. I really do try to ignore my disease and live life to the fullest without limitations.


A younger healthy me Β 


The beginning of my cancer journey Β 

This birthday will be celebrated with friends as my family are in Europe. The celebrations include spa treatments, movie, a meal and coffee & birthday cake. I couldn’t wish for anymore to be honest. Thank you to my family & friends for helping me through this year and let’s reach another one together. πŸ˜„


8 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 29 – I’ve Reached Another Birthday. Whoop Whoop πŸ˜„

  1. Happy birthday Kat, I’m sure you will have many more! I’ve been following your issues on Carcinoid Coffee Cafe and do hope things improve. I went through a bad time just over a year ago with many issues. I made a big list, researched those areas, and eventually categorised them as:
    1. something for assessment and treatment via primary care
    2. something for my NET specialist to review
    3. something I just need to live with!

    Just by doing that I was already feeling better. I still have some of the issues but the big difference is that I feel more in control. I’m sure you’ve already done something similar but just in case if gave you any ideas?

    Regards Ronny

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  2. storki says:

    Happy Birthday for the 27th Kat – I cannot believe that it has been one year. I hope you will enjoy your birthday and hopefully the others yet to come.

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