Weekly Blog No 73 – Makeup


Makeup, a product in every woman’s life and even in some men’s lives these days. Men’s beauty regime is more intense than a woman’s today. I am happy to report at this time, I don’t have to share my makeup with Mr Zebrakat although I do think he would suit some of shades of lipsticks.

I have worn makeup since a teenager nonetheless, I’m very lacksey -daisy since my cancer diagnosis. I just don’t have the energy to be suited and booted anymore. It’s a shame as I would never leave the house without lipstick on even too go to the local shop.

Just like a hamster I have a  hidden storage but mine is makeup. I have been known to have 3 lipsticks of the same shade, one for the house, one for the car and one for my handbag. If I went out somewhere there would always be lipstick with me, it wasn’t unusual to find multiple lipsticks in my car, handbags or even my jackets. If someone asked me for a pen I would more than likely produce a lipstick.

I have worn full makeup from foundation, face powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara etc, basically the full works. Therefore I have built quiet a stash but never considerd disposing of anything until last year, when I was preparing to come to the UK. I had lipsticks from the 90’s because I actually goggled the packaging. Shameful. I still have makeup from other eras and it’s obvious due to the colour choices.

This got me thinking, I know I’m not the only one who has accumulated make up over the years. Are you like this too?  Why do we do this? One thing I did realise is makeup does have a shelf life, although not many of us are aware of this. On the products is this symbol, which represents 12 months in this case.

imageHere’s another photo showing the expiration date on a product.


I have never looked at this information and let’s be honest who does. Is it me, is this symbol super small and very easily missed.

I have provided some information of expiration dates for makeup.


I’m going to start putting little colour sticker dots on the bottom of my makeup to remind me of their purchase date. A single colour will represent the year purchased and I will then write on the sticker the month for reference. Maybe I will have less stuff in my cupboard now.

Ladies start throwing away your expired makeup.





5 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 73 – Makeup

  1. I am a beggar for lipstick, my bag is full of them, and my two girls are the same as well as my middle sister, therefore I put it down to genetics😂

    I need to sort out my eyeshadow a though, I used to wear make-up everyday and thought of going to work without my war paint didn’t bare thinking about.


  2. Your post today resonerates with me. I to am amke up hoarder. Since I have been feeling so poorly with this drezded Carcinoid Syndrome, I have not been wearing makeup very often.

    Just the other day I aws looking at some of my stuff and thought, whoa, have had this a while and not used it for ages, so through some out.

    Your idea kf a coloured dot and date ismone I am going to borrow.

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    • We are too sick to be putting on makeup. Makeup is the last thing on your mind. 😀 I do use the colour dots on books as well. I put on a dot for books still to read. 😀


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