Weekly Blog 74 – Medication


On Monday, I was given some additional  medication to help with my cancer symptoms. Since my diagnosis I have been an avid collector of chemicals it seems. I am collecting medication like I have found a brand new hobby. It’s not exactly coin collecting or postcards. Its pills, powders and injections. I have small pills, large pills, blue pills, white pills, two-tone pills, capsules, tablets and powders, the list is endless. I have a storage of  injections in my refrigerator, which clearly shows I have no storage for wine.

I counted the other day that I take a minimum of 17 pills a day plus I have a further 4 meds to be taken at my discretion. If I did take the supplementary medication, I would be taking nearly 30 pills a day . That’s just ridiculous, I would be taking approximately 210 pills a week and 10,920 a year. Thank you NHS for supporting my pill collection.

Note to Cancer

Now cancer you have a lot of explaining to do, as a result of you I have a hobby I don’t want or even enjoy. The definition for hobby ‘ an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure’. There you go, it’s certainly not leisure and those butt darts are far from pleasure. Isn’t it enough that you endure me with the disease notwithstanding chemical overload too. Yes you do provide me with different colours, sizes and shapes of medication, however I’m no longer interested in what they look like. Unless they taste of mint, toffee or are coated with trifle sprinklers for added interest. I would like to request a break from your ongoing torment inflicted on my poor body. Please consider my request.

The bottom line is, medication is used to make people feel better, reduce fever, pain and combat disease. No one enjoys taking medication and I certainly don’t or equally its side effects. I do have a choice but I chose to take the medication in order to extend my life and to not inflict any further symptoms. I don’t enjoy exposing my body to all these chemicals, nevertheless I can’t boycott them either. Therefore I will have become accustomed to rainbow coloured medication and its supposedly benefits. 

 Are you taking medication? How many a day? 






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