Weekly Blog No 77 – Bullet Journal

Image from pinterest.

Image from pinterest.

I’ve  always used a diary but over the last few years, I’ve found shop brought diaries are not really working for me in one way or another.  I’m ok with technology but inputting everything into my phone is a weakness for me, I can’t seem to adapt to inputting all my info into my phone. I needed a solution to record all my important information into one tool. Furthermore I wanted Mr Zebrakat to be able to retrieve my tool that stored all my information like, GP details, current medication, recent op’s and recent appointments. A one stop shop tool for us both.

And then, I came across the answer to my problems whilst searching the internet. My new tool was going to be a bullet journal. Here’s the definition “The Bullet Journal is a customizable  and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all the above”.

I was amazed to see that there’s a phenomenum of bullet journalists on social media. A very creative community letting their artistic  organizational and disciplined flow. I read a website called “bulletjournal.com”. Very inspirational. Bullet journals seem to be action by all ages as a resourceful tool.

This week I’m going to attempt a bullet journal and see how I get on, I want to purge all my information into one book. I was wondering if any of my followers use a bullet journal?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 77 – Bullet Journal

    • It seems to be a lot more organized, as everything is one book, rather than numerous places. I have listed my appointments to date, medication and I have symptom trackers. Lets see if I stick it it.x

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  1. storki says:

    Kat, let me know how you get on and post some photos of your journal. I have been looking into this recently, but not sure if it will work for me, as I seem to do everything digitally these days, so this may be a little cumbersome for me.

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  2. Ed says:

    This one is a cool one – http://www.bohoberry.com/student-bullet-journal/

    So, it’s paper? or is it digital? I’m lost?

    When I was first diagnosed I started using a open source version of project management software. Eh, it was so-so…

    I have maintained a garden journal which was fun ~ always paper and full of drawings.

    I tried the brain ~ http://www.thebrain.com – that was pretty cool but I didn’t keep up with it.

    I used to use my email program for task management….it worked for tasks

    maybe there’s a version where you can verbally make entries and it will create a page for you.

    one last thought is that you could use a word press blog and keep it private for you and Mr. ZebraKat. 😀

    I am pretty interested in what you come up with….you should do searches on words like: journal, diary, my diary, jot it down and things like that ….maybe something unusual will come up????

    there’s gotta be something already built LOL 🙂 for doctors??? writers???? artists ???? Hmmmm……

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