Weekly Blog 106 – Cancer Update 

Cancer Update 
On Monday I went to see my Oncologist, following recent tests and a scan. He confirmed that I have a tumour on my right ovary possibly a small one on the left too. (I’ve been questioning my ovaries for a couple of years now). I also have disease in my bowel. I’m been suffering terrible pain due to the bowel and right ovary, I’m on morphine and liquid morphine. However I feel a sense of relief that my concerns have been vindicated. The proposal is ileostomy(bowel to external bag) and remove my ovaries. 

I will still have cancer in other areas, nevertheless this is to eliminate pain and give me a quality of life. Morphine in a cancer patient always represents end of life to me, therefore at some point it’s going to be needed so I don’t want to use all my options at this stage. If I have the op, I hope to come off the morphine until it is required again. 

He’s going to discuss my case with a very experienced surgeon this Wednesday as he feels my case is quiet complex. (I’ve had 3 cancer surgeries already). The surgeon will then send me an appointment to see him and hopefully give me an operation date. 

How do I feel:-

I’m ok, pleased that my concerns have finally been acknowledged. I want to get off morphine and hopefully be somewhat pain free. It’s no fun being in pain all the time with everything else going on. Yes the bag is not a great option but I will take it, if it eliminates pain and gives me more freedom.  

Next week, I’m seeing an ENT Consultant because I appear to have developed a hoarse voice. Now I know this might be attractive to some people, a husky voice but it’s so random. My Oncologist asked my GP to arrange it locally. His concern is its cancer because it’s been going on for a few months, therefore he wants to eradicate the possibility. I hope not, enough is enough. Should it be I will deal with it head on as always. 

Mr Zebrakat as per normal, is with me on every appointment. I would be lost without his continuous support. Thank you Mr Zebrakat for absolutely everything that you do. ❤️

Love to you all 😘x including my Oncologist 

PS I’m just working on Part 2, Black Country Living Museum.  The post will be on by Saturday. 


14 thoughts on “Weekly Blog 106 – Cancer Update 

  1. Ed says:

    Just prayed for you Kat. ❤ Uh, you have had such a rough time. 😦 I’m up right now because of pain as well. Give Mr.Z and Lottie a big hug it will make you feel better. I will keep praying for you.

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    • Thank you Ed, yes my pain has woken me too. I think I will have to see the doctor increase in pain meds. I’m sorry to hear your suffering with pain too? Where is your pain, is it all over. Ed have they managed your pain control. X


  2. Oh hell Kat! You really have been through enough already! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mr. ZebraKat as well. I think of you often. I hope they can get everything scheduled and it’ll take care of that pain. Pain is no good.

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  3. I’m so sorry to read you’re going through this — I know we don’t know each other, but cancer is at the very least good at bringing people together. From one survivor to another, I’m here if I can help at all.

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  4. This is so strong. My wife with her pain, my being on morphine for palliative care, and the quality of each 24 hours is broke down to each minute being aware of. Wish life had magical wands where we could just swish all the pains and struggles away. Stay strong and keep the faith and inspiring others like us!

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