Weekly Blog No 114 – Reuse Christmas Cards

I had the same dilemma last year when I had gathered all my Christmas cards. What should I do with them.

Back in the day you are able to donate them to charity like for instance “Age Concern”. They would cut them into Christmas gift tags and sell them. When I was a child my mum would have me making Christmas gift tags using pinking shears scissors, a hole punch and some string/ribbon. I did ponder should I make christmas gift tags and the answer was yes instead of throwing them in the recycle bin.

Pinking Shears Scissors Christmas Gift Tag

Pinking Shears Christmas Gift Tag

When I looked into some of the equipment to use to make the tags the cost verses new tags was questionable. As christmas gift tags are now considerably cheaper in some places, I did wonder if it was actually worth the effort. Are products too accessible for us nowadays that we no longer need to make items. It seems wrong to throw the cards in the bin, when I have the time to do something practical with them.

Another thought, do we even notice the gift tag. I know we must all read them but do we genuinely take any notice of the tag itself, maybe not.

I’m sure most of us nowadays will regift a gift bag. I will always reuse a gift bag and place on a new gift tag. As I still had some christmas gift money I thought, why not use it on some tools for making the gift tags. I bought 2 different size circle punches, twine and some tissue paper. Not a pinking shear scissors to be seen.

I will purchase plain paper to coordinate with the gift tags.

I have some work to do, like ribbons and twine to finish them off. Do you see a favourite, let me know.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 114 – Reuse Christmas Cards

  1. They are lovely, I have done it myself in the past too with the kids. I especially like the ones with the checkered ribbons. If you still have some to get rid of Sainsbury are taking them this year x

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  2. We have done this as well. My mother-in-law was from England and was very big on repurposing or reusing things. We replaced the pinking shears with a punch from Michael’s this year. Lovely tags for next year’s gifts. Good job, and good to share the idea too! Stay well.

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  3. I love this idea! One of the things I have done is take the front side of a Christmas card and use it as a Christmas postcard the following year. The only thing I have to remember is not to send it to the same person!

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