Weekly Blog No 126 – Cancer Update

This was my Facebook update for family and friends.

Unfortunately I’ve been a little quiet recently as I’ve been suffering with abdomen pain and a suspected partial bowel obstruction. I had a Pet Scan beginning of May, it was first one since last year. I did have a couple of CT scans in Feb, which revealed cancer in the abdomen. Well yesterday I went to the RF to discuss my current problems and the results from the Pet Scan. Although it was a great appointment with my Oncologist, he did kindly tell me “I was a complicated case”, my reply was “I did tell you I wasn’t straightforward”.

Now Im going to tell you the findings from the Pet Scan, I have cancer in the abdomen in various places, however there is something of concern on the left side were I have intense pain. Furthermore, I have additional cancer spread on the liver. Subsequently I will have CT’s to the thorax, abdomen, pelvis and liver in the next couple of days. The Oncologist will have a multi discipline team meeting to discuss my case. I may have to have additional tests before I see him again mid June. The proposal is a tablet form of chemo therapy or a clinical trial of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy. This will be discussed in more detail, once he sees me again and I will explain it more to you.

My thoughts: Something has to done about the continuous progression, I do find that I’m constantly saying that I have progression to you all in my updates, however the fight goes on. Obviously my 4th surgery last Nov didn’t buy me time like I initially thought, hey ho there you go. If I have this chemo, there’s some nasty side effects that I don’t want to experience and PRRT is the last resort treatment for my cancer. However PRRT can slow down progression so its definitely a bonus. I will keep doing what I’ve been doing and that is trying to enjoy life. Life is so precious.

Sorry I haven’t done personal messages but there’s too many people to do and easier this way. 😍

Love to you all. ❤️


5 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 126 – Cancer Update

  1. Why is PRRT considered a last resort? I feel very fortunate to be part of a PRRT clinical trial at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. It was the first line of attack, not a last resort, and so far it’s been very successful.

    I just posted an update on my blog that you might find interesting. I had a treatment on Wednesday and yesterday I was also told that I might have a partial bowel obstruction!

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    • What I mean is, if I’m offered this treatment there is no other treatment options left for me to try and to combat my ongoing progression. When previously discussed is was thought to be problematic due to fibrosis. I will take a look at your blog again?
      I’m sorry to hear you have a partial bowel obstruction too, it’s so uncomfortable, what are they proposing to do with yours. I’m to continue with soft foods at the minute. X


      • I have no symptoms, so my family doctor proposed that we take a wait and see approach. He told me what to watch for and so far, so good. He reassured me that it has nothing to do with my cancer and that given time, these things sometime resolve themselves. I’m hopeful that’s what happens.

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      • That’s good to hear so was it found on a scan? Fingers crossed you don’t experience the symptoms.

        I’ve had 2 bowel obstructions before and both down to tumours. If my pain gets too bad I have to go to ER.


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