Weekly Blog No 128 – Cancer Update

Cancer Update written Thursday 21st June 2018

Today I was prepared to discuss either chemo or PRRT as a treatment plan. Subsequently we did discuss them both and here is the outcome. The chemo, he felt was not suitable for me due to the side effects on my body. I think I had actually come to the conclusion already and had mentioned it to a few friends. The PRRT treatment, he is not going to proceed with this treatment at this time.

Even though the CT scan didn’t show up the Pet scan findings, the MRI did. There is multi tumours on the liver and disease in various places of my pelvic region. On my last appointment, the Consultant took various bloods and informed me today that he was concerned with the results. My liver function bloods have been rising since my last op. My GP highlighted the issue back in January, however everyone thought the cause was my recent op. Yet the results continue to rise making the results questionable. There is some other bloods that are troubling him too, for instance my thyroid. As I wasn’t under an ENT Consultant for my thyroid, he phoned someone in-house to seek advice and it was decided to increase my dosage of thyroid meds. There’s a lot of ambiguous results and he is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Today he’s taken another 7/8 tubes of blood. If he is not satisfied with the results, he is going to organise a liver biopsy to see what is going on. I nearly fell of my chair because I had one in Canada prior to my liver resection op. I was very awake watching him do the procedure. The pain after the procedure was so horrendous that the doctors had to give me some powerful drugs. The Consultant did inform me that the team in London are very good so not to worry.

Follow up, he has organised another scan for 4 months instead of the usual 6 months. He wants to monitor me more closely. I should be ecstatic with the news of no treatment at this moment in time but i have a mixed bag of emotions. I’m happy that there is no treatment but sad at the same time, as no further treatment means no improvement in quality of life.

There’s no light at the end of tunnel but I’m still chasing the light.

Love to you all ❤️


5 thoughts on “Weekly Blog No 128 – Cancer Update

  1. Hi Zebrakat! Remember me? Nancy from Jasper. I’m living on Kelowna now. I wanted to comment on your liver biopsy. I had one right after my dx back in Dec. 2013. It was done at the Cross Cancer Inst. It was guided by ultrasound where he went between the ribs and took about four samples if I am remembering correctly. There was little discomfort and I had to lie still for 2 hours afterward to avoid any bleeding. Was your procedure done this way? Hope the next one goes more smoothly. Also, I have been getting PRRT treatment for 4 years now. Started in May 2014. First 4 treatments in the first year then a treatment every 6 months since then. This is the study in Edmonton at the Cross. I can have 12 treatments total so I have 2 more. The treatments were easy, the tumours shrank and they have been stable since then. I really believe I have had a better quality of life because of the treatments. I also believe they have prolonged my life. Something for you to think about. Best wishes for the future.


    • Hello Nancy.
      Yes I do remember because you was nearly on my doorstep in Alberta. I’m a friend in Kelowna a beautiful place and of course better weather. Yes my procedure was done the same way, I can still hear the clicking when he was taking the samples. My biopsy was done at Foothills whilst recovering from spine surgery. They were going to send me to the Cross before I left Canada for a Consultation with McEwan? 🇨🇦. I do indeed want the PRRT because I believe it will give me a quality of life. I don’t think we should wait for me to get worse before further action happens. I’m also a case who’s disease doesn’t always show up on scans, therefore my body is tells me more is going on. I usually end up having emergency surgery. Let’s see what the next appointment brings. I’m so pleased your doing so well. X


  2. Kat, I’m so glad that your doctors are continuing to look for answers and pray that they will find the best way to improve your quality of life.

    Hello also to Nancy… I’m a fellow Albertan also under the care of Dr MacEwan and his amazing team at the Cross Cancer Institute. I had my 10th PRRT treatment there on May 23. My tumours also shrank after the early treatments and continue to be stable.

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