Blog No 149 – Cancer Update

Just before Christmas I went to London for more scans etc. Although my symptoms had been a mixed bag since stopping treatment, I was carrying on regardless. Subsequently I also tried to improve my daily quality of life. I went vegan at the end of October and Mr Zebrakat came along for the ride with no expectations. Believe me or not, we are both enjoying the change of diet. We are both benefiting from the change in one way or another, yet nothing can stop the pain but medication (Morphine). Fatigue and nausea etc can knock you for six too but that’s cancer for you.

On the 27th Dec, my Oncologist called me at home to inform me that my latest scans revealed more growth. Well that’s a surprise NOT. 😂 My Oncologist intends to commence PRRT in mid Feb. I’ve been chasing this treatment for over a year and now it’s finally happening.

How do I feel, well it validates my symptoms and concerns with my body. The specialised treatment has had some amazing results with Net patients. Remember this treatment is not a cure but can possibly extend your quality of life. This is my final trump card, hopefully it’s the best hand I have.


I had a colonoscopy yesterday only for the Doctor to take 8 biopsies. I could see that I had additional growth in the colon. It was only 2 yrs since my last operation on the bowel.


6 thoughts on “Blog No 149 – Cancer Update

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    I had PRRT Treatment at the end of 2016. The tumours in my liver are still stable and no new growth. The only thing Is my kidneys packed it in, now on dialysis three days a week. I will be thinking of you pn your next part of this journey.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your recap of 2019… definitely makes me want to visit the UK and walk the streets of Stratford Upon Avon! I’m really glad that you’re finally going to start PRRT and pray that you have as much success with it as I’ve had. I look forward to reading about your experience.


  3. Nancy R. Osborne says:

    Hi Kat! Glad to hear you are starting PRRT. As you know I did it in Edmonton May 2014-Oct. 2017. I had 3 1/2 years of stability and shrinkage. Tumours are growing again so am on round 4 of Cap/Tem. It never ends does it? I am hoping you will get stability for a few years and then who knows. Something else may be available. I was happy to see you renovated. It says to me you are hopeful for the future and moving forward. I love seeing the pictures from your travels. Good for you!

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    • Thank you for the kind words. Good luck with the Cap/Term. Yes I’m living life to the full even with the difficulties. Sometimes I feel I get complacent and feel that I’m indestructible but then the reality kicks in. X Keep going Nancy. 💕


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