Blog No 156 – Travel Visualisation Board

I don’t know if anyone has read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The author is huge believer in visualisation boards. Basically having a board with pictures of your dreams, therefore your dreams go out to the universe and they become reality.

When I was looking for artwork for my hall, I decided to do travel visualisation boards with words and not pictures. There is an extended list of places/locations that I want to visit or revisit with Mr Zebrakat. I did 2 visualisation boards of destinations, nevertheless dreams can come true.

Visualisation Board

There is a few destinations that I may have visited with/without Mr Zebrakat. For this reason, I’ve added them to the board for a revisit, for instance New York. We visited December 2005 and we were fortunate enough to see the dropping of the ball on NYE. It was a beautiful place to visit at Christmas time and all the festive decorations were stunning. I remember the weather being freezing cold, which I had never experienced cold like it before. Mr Zebrakat has never been to Dublin, I have done it many times. I really want go with him, to be a tourist and for him to experience my irish culture. Canada, we lived there for god sake but we never got to the west coast. Both of us want to visit Vancouver and I’m sure we will slot back into Canadian life there.

The list was inspired by us both but I want to continue travelling after my cancer treatment/covid-19

Let’s see how well I do within the next 12 months. I will write a blog this time next year and let you all know. X


4 thoughts on “Blog No 156 – Travel Visualisation Board

  1. I love this idea! Boston and New York are at the top of our list. We’d planned on visiting in May this year, but we all know how that turned out! I’ve only been to four of the cities on your list, but I definitely recommend all of them… San Francisco, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City, and of course, Vancouver. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh late on New Years Eve 2009 and the city was rocking! If you’re interested, you can read about our adventure, including finding a hotel room when we didn’t have a reservation here:

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    • Thank you. We both love to travel. Shame about you unable to travel this year but you will hopefully soon X New York is amazing and the weather would of been lovely, that time of the year. I must catch up on your blog and your adventures. X


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