Blog No 163 – Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer

I thought it was about time we have a chat. For years I’ve endured your torment to my body. You’ve left me with unsightly battle wounds, missing organs and continuous abundance of symptoms.

Momentarily you may be having fun munching away at my organs etc, although it was causing me continuous problems. I’m not one to usually complain but don’t you ever stop.

I thought this year, I would try and stop you in your tracks. A little radiation cocktail via iv, who doesn’t like a cocktail. I have to say it wasn’t much fun for me but I’m sure you were a little worse for wear. I knew when you were experiencing some discomfort because you would reflect the pain on me, thanks for that. Hopefully in December my scans will show that you have stopped partying and you’re suffering a long hangover.

In the last 12 months you have even had a pop at my immediate family members. If you hadnt realised already we are all fighters with incredible strength. I’ve been battling you for 7 years and I still am pushing your buttons.

Thank you for making me stronger and for giving me the perseverance. Furthermore learning to appreciate life and family & friends. 💕

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