Weekly Blog No 43 – The Differences Between UK & Canada

In this week’s challenge, I thought I would try to explain some of the differences between UK & Canada services, since my return to the UK. Please note this is only my opinion formed from personal experience to date.

Health System 

Just when you think it’s straightforward, you start to get frustrated with protocol. ¬†I’m due¬†my next cancer injection next week yet I’m no nearer to getting the treatment I need. ¬†I know when I’m in the system, I will be ok and I will have access to all relevant parties. I don’t understand why I’m the person who’s doing all the chasing between various parties to do their job. My symptoms are terrible and I need their help to improve my quality of life. NHS you will be the death of me yet.

A further update since writing the above paragraph this morning.

I was in touch with a fellow UK patient this morning and she gave me some great advice. With her guidance, ¬†I reacted and contacted a local Net Nurse via email. I honestly thought I wouldn’t hear from her until tomorrow morning, yet she responded today. She’s arranging my injection for this week and getting me in to see a Net Consultant ASAP. ¬†Thank you L.


Very helpful in the UK, like Canada., absolutely no complaints but just praise for the service.


I’m going to send the UK bank management team to Canada for work experience. ¬†UK banking you believe you are super efficient and provide an excellent customer service, let me tell you, that you are rubbish at execution. We had to speak to 5 different people to open an extra bank account at our branch.

Canada you get the thumbs up. One person and bingo it’s done. Our branch contact in Canada was both super efficient and customer focused, we miss you KNC.

Post Office/Post Man 

My experience to date has been on par with Canada, however UK you get thumbs up for pricing and delivery.  It is wonderful getting my mail through the door before 10.30am in the morning.


Pretty much the same experience although the food variety is so much better in Canada.


British supermarkets are amazing and the choice is incredible. I think Canada learns you to make quicker decisions because you have less choice options. I swear I stood for 15 mins trying to make a decision on coffee.

Watch Repair Man

One service we struggle to find in Canada yet in 10 mins I had two watches replaced with batteries for £8 ($16).


I had built a wonderful relationship with my pharmacy in Canada and had found them to be excellent to deal with. In the UK, I will have to make the same relationship, however my first visit to an UK pharmacy was interesting to say the least. A woman was verbally abusing the pharmacist and then she continued to abuse a customer waiting for her meds. I turned to my husband and said “welcome back to the UK”.

I’m really happy to be back, nevertheless clearly there is pros and cons to every country.


Weekly Blog No 42 РRejuvenating in the UK. 


There’s an air of excitement everyday, I just can’t explain it to be honest. It’s a good feeling to be back and even though my symptoms are not playing ball everyday it’s a wonderful feeling.

Lottie had a good flight and is still with the pet agent until we find a rental property. We didn’t want to pick her up only to board her somewhere else, we thought that would be too traumatic for her so the pet agent has her for a couple of weeks. I’m checking in with the pet agency all the time to make sure she is ok.

The shipping container hasn’t even left Calgary yet, therefore my personal processions may take a while. I will push this once we have a rental. ¬†I don’t really want to have to buy replacement crockery, utensils and saucepans etc.

We have a hire car at the moment and intend to shop for cars within the next week or so. We are just being screened or referenced as they call the process here, for a rental property. J my husband commences work mid June after we have been to a family wedding. J does have a bit of a commute but he likes to drive. I hope he doesn’t get too tired as it could be a long day for him. I have located a GP (family physician) and I’m due to meet the nurse next week for an first assessment.

It’s 8.15am here, and I’m hearing church bells, what a lovely background noise. I am wondering is this a daily event or just on certain occasions. ¬†The first thing we noticed being back is the number of people on this small island. Whilst at Gatwick Airport, I noticed everyone appears to rush everywhere. It was like a race to the conveyor belt for suitcases, don’t they realise that the airport staff don’t know who is standing at the conveyor let alone their names. Another thing I noticed was Gatwick Airport has new swanky toilet facilities, in the form of each cubicle. The cubicle is kitted out with a wc, washhand basin, mirror and hand dryer etc. It could be considered as a one stop shop of luxury, however people you need to respect things just a bit more. Wherever I went in Canada, I never found a dirty washroom, no tissue on the floor, no dirty loo, no water all over the floor and certainly they didn’t stink of urine. I’m not sure if it’s volume of people or people’s behaviour.

A sea of green, OMG I can’t help but love all the green in the UK and that’s a funny statement when I have just returned from Canada. In Canada, we only have about 4 months of green, ¬†the other 8 months consisted of either white or a brown landscape.

Shops, supermarkets, cafes and pubs. I’m in a complete frenzy with the choice here, its incredible. My taste buds are doing hoola hoops with excitement. Pub meals, 2 main courses for $8.49, that’s just riddicous. ¬†Mobile phones (cells) not paying to receive calls and you get free this and free that for ¬£20 a month. Magazines I’ve already got through 4 this week, oh no my paper addiction is back. We have booked in for some beauty therapy next week, just as a form of relaxation.

Most of all, family & friends, OMG it’s so good to see them and be so near…..I do believe that is the best medicine anyone can receive.

Weekly Blog No 41 РLearning To Drop My Canadian Vocabulary  



As of next week I will be setting all my technology to UK English and dropping all my z to s’s in words like realize to realise. I will be adding my u’s to words again like, colour and neighbour. I shall be pre setting this blog to post, whilst I’m still in the air traveling to London. After 6 years I’m going to have to learn to drop my Canadian vocabulary, for instance.

Canadian – British

  • Gas – Petrol
  • Sidewalk – Footpath
  • Trunk – Boot
  • Hood – Bonnet
  • Washrooms – Toilets
  • Chips – Crisps
  • Fries – Chips
  • Runners – Trainers
  • Parkade – Multi Storey Car Park
  • Fire Hall – Fire Station
  • Pants – Underwear
  • Hydro – Electrictity
  • Candy – Sweets
  • Track Pants – Joggers
  • ABM – Cashpoint
  • Thongs – Flipflops
  • College – University
  • Urgent Care – A & E
  • Lineup – Queue
  • Dish Cloth – Tea Towel
  • Sweater – Jumper
  • Yard – Garden
  • ¬†Wallet – Purse
  • Duplex – Semi Detached House
  • Detached House – Single Family Home
  • Movie – Film
  • Zucchini – Courgette
  • Cell ¬†Phone – Mobile Phone
  • Bangs – Fringe
  • Soccer – Football
  • Awesome – Great
  • Faucets – Taps
  • Drapes – Curtains
  • Elevator – Lift
  • Whiteout – Tipex
  • Bandaid – Plaster
  • Main Floor – Ground Floor
  • Electrical Outlet – Socket
  • Stove – Cooker
  • Jelly – Jam
  • Cookie – Biscuit
  • Soda – Pop
  • Garbage – Rubbish
  • Dumpster – Skip
  • Mall – Shopping Centre
  • Bar – Pub

Now I will have to remember not to turn right on a red light, not to walk to the mail box to collect my mail and when ordering drinks there is no such thing as a double double. ¬†It’s going to take some adjustment and only time will tell.