Blog No 146 – Going Local

The Blitz Tea Room – Kettering, Northamptonshire

Last weekend, Mr Zebrakat and I took a short drive for some lunch. The Biltz Tea Room & Jazz Lounge had been on my radar for a while, therefore I was very curious what the building interior was going to be like.

The Blitz Tea Room is a family run business. The venue is located adjacent to the Kettering Public Library. The name of the venue, obviously gives you a little clue of the theme of tea room. Hence, I was expecting to see some 1940’s memorabilia, dark wood furniture and classic wartime crockery.

Here’s a couple of photos of the venue.

This photo is pointed to the ceiling to try and capture the sky, the planes hanging down and flags etc.

The menu was a ration book with a choice of sandwiches, omelettes and panini’s etc. A vast choice drinks in specialty teas. I took a photo of a page from the menu, which references Vera Lynn and Churchill both 1940s icons.

Mr Zebrakat chose a pot of speciality tea. He was given a special timer, which determines the strength of tea you like. The longer the timer, the stronger the tea. The milk was served in an old fashioned milk bottle. It’s a miniature size of the original size of a milk bottle. This particular size bottle was given to us as children in primary/elementary school. The sugar was served in cubes a wartime ration.

We both chose different sandwiches, which was served with salad & crisps served on cute flowery china.

We then indulged in fruit scone each served with raspberry jam and clotted cream.

Some of the venues memorabilia on the walls and display cabinets.

Although the food was wonderful, it was quite pricey. I would recommend you go and experience it yourself. There was a couple of parties there, clearly celebrating special occasions which is unique.


Weekly Blog No 18 – London Tourist 2015

Even though as a child I lived in SW1 London, I was way too young to appreciate what was on offer on my doorstop. My memories are not of Big Ben or Westminster Abbey but more of St James’s Park and the barber shop sign across the road. Later in life my husband worked in London, yet it was a case of get in and get out of the busy city. Since moving to Canada, it has become clear that I didn’t cherish what the UK had to offer in respect of tourist sites.

St James Park

Whether you’re living or working in the UK, you do tend to go about your daily business and not admire whats right in front of your eyes. I wish I had utilised my mobile/cell phone to capture more photos of up and down the country but I was always rushing from one construction site to another. I’m always saying I don’t have regrets but maybe I’ve just found my first one or two lol.

My husband & I plan to return to London hopefully next year as tourists pending my health. My health is giving me some challenges at the minute so I hope it doesn’t prevent me from taking this trip. I’m going to go down memory lane and see where I lived, christened as a baby and St James Park where I played with my brothers. I’m open to suggestions too, I love history especially the Victorian and British war times.image

Westminster Cathedral

Another consideration is afternoon tea at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, a place my mother worked and lived. It would be great to see behind the scenes of the hotel with her and to relive her memories too.


Grosvenor House Hotel


Afternoon Tea in the Park Room

A London Theatre musical is a must do when you go to London  As I am a lover of all music, I am likely to sing along and toe tap to the songs. I have seen a few shows in my time from London to New York to Las Vegas the list is endless.

I would be grateful for any recommendations of places to visit.

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