Weekly Blog No 9 – Calgary Stampede 2014


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Calgary Stampede 2014

The Calgary Stampede is know as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” and is an annual show held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada every July. The show events are rodeo, chuck wagon racing, barrel racing, funfair rides, food trucks and the list is endless. The show kicks off with a Stampede Parade consisting of many floats, bands and horses etc around the city. This year the parade was opened by William Shatner originally known as Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

The dress code for the period in the city and stampede is western wear, plaid(check), denim, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Everyone gets into the spirt around the city even holding stampede breakfasts. You basically can eat for the 10 days for free.

I was lucky to attend the stampede on a corporate event with my husband. We had access into the park, a meal & drinks in a corporate tent and front row tickets to the rodeo. It was a gorgeous day so we were able to walk around and see the market stalls in the BMO Centre, the cattle in the Agrium Arena and the funfair rides on the Midway.

I have attached some photos for you to see.


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Preparing the Horse

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Western Wear

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Stampede Girl Riders

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Cowboys & Cowgirls

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Cowboy Getting Ready

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Saddle Bronc

We are looking forward to the stampede in 2015 as we missed so much.

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Weekly Blog No 7 – Run & Roam the Runway at YYC Event

Credit YYC Facebook.

Credit YYC Facebook.

This week, my goal was to go to “Run & Roam the Runway at YYC” event held at Calgary International Airport. I was one of the fortunate people to receive a ticket to the event attended by members of the public and employees. The event was a prevailing of the new runway at Calgary International Airport, which took 3 years to construct and has been in the planning since the 1970’s.

Here are some additional facts, regarding the runway.

  • Finished length is 14,000-feet long and 200-feet wide
  • Capable of landing the world’s largest aircraft: A380 and B747-800
  • The new runway will be as long as 140 blue whales
  • When the new runway opens, it will be 111 years after the very first airplane successfully took flight in 1903.
  • The runway and terminal expansion is the largest in the airports history
  • YYC has the most passengers per capita of any major city in Canada
  • You could fill an Olympic sized swimming pools with the 500,00 cubic metres of gravel used to build the new runway
  • The new runway will be the longest in the country

My husband and I went to the fun day on Sunday and the attractions included:

  • Vintage plane displays and aviation exhibits
  • Family-friendly activities, including face-painting stations, obstacle courses, street performers and much more
  • The chalk zone – showcase your artistic talent
  • Food trucks

I was lucky to experience a ride in a yellow school bus to the runway, in the UK we do not have that facility. If I was schooled in Canada only then would I have had the opportunity. I was able to stand directly under an Air Canada Dreamliner, all I can say is wow and huge. Furthermore I was able to stand on the runway in its amazing glory, that’s history in itself. When do you ever get a chance to stand on the tarmac, if I am on the tarmac/runway in the future,  it should only indicate that I am on a plane otherwise I’m in trouble.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and had the opportunity of meeting employees of YYC. Having cancer can inhibit your daily life and having the freedom to do these opportunities is sometimes restricted due to your symptoms. For the first time in a very long time, I had no problems with the assistance of medication and only 3 weeks after a major op. I would say that was a result: Kat 1 v Cancer 0.

Thank you YYC for a wonderful day.