Weekly Blog No 82 – Favourite Colour. 

Most people have a favorite colour, whether it be blue, green, red or even pink, only to name a few. I’m not sure all of us would wear our favourite colour but we are likely to buy a product in our favourite colour. I love colour, yet there is colours I just wouldn’t wear because I feel they wouldn’t suit my skin tone. I won’t always buy a product in my favorite colour  either as I do prefer the colour to suit the product. I don’t think a yellow iPhone would necessary look great or a black bar of soap. 

 I chose baby pink for my wedding theme colour but I wouldn’t wear the same pink or own a purse in the same  colour. My mother has a passion for emerald green (it’s an Irish thing) therefore she is both likely to wear and purchase an item of the same colour. Mr Zebrakat likes blue, yet I’ve only see him purchase a couple of items of that colour, like an expensive pen or other stationary items. I have yet to see a blue Audi. 

I’m so weird in respect of colour as I don’t think I have a favourite colour as such as I like various colours. My colour choice will be dependent on my purchase. I will give you a few examples below of what I like:-

  •  Silver cars
  • White bed sheets
  • Red or orange purse
  • Red stationary items 
  • Pink/red lipstick/nail varnish
  • Silver saucepans
  • Brown belts
  • Pink flowers
  • White/cream everyday kitchenware
  • Photo albums in warm colours, reds, oranges, yellows etc
  • Green/red mobile phone covers

That is only a few examples colour choice verses product, it does seem I’m not a lover of your blues & purple. Yet I know I like to include blues and purples in the garden. 

The meaning of colours. 

Red – energy, passion and action

Orange – adventure and social communication

Yellow – the mind and the intellect

Green – balance, harmony and growth

Blue – trust and responsibility

Indigo – intuition, perception and the higher mind

Purple/violet  – imagination and spirituality

Turquoise – open communication and clarity of thought

Pink – unconditional love and intention

I guess that explains alot about my colour choices for certain items. I know some of my friends have favourite colours and I can relate the above meaning of colours to their individual personalities. 

Written in UK English.