Weekly Blog No 16 – Lottie’s 4th Birthday

I thought it would be fitting to talk about my little dog this week as it was her 4th birthday yesterday.

Lottie is a Morkie, which is a maltese and yorkie cross breed nevertheless when you mixed these two cuties





You get this a bundle of fluff with big brown eyes just like this.


Lottie is currently 4.5lbs, with big brown eyes and only 7″ high off the ground. She has a diet of Royal Canin and treats. She’s hydro allergic dog, shreds no hair and is a very low maintenance. She loves cuddles and attention so she’s a true lap dog. I will show some photos from the last 4 years.


Lottie as a puppy with her first jumper/sweater, her first gift from a friend. Cute in pink

imageLottie had the cutest face and left ear used to always flop down. Her big brown eyes always tell a story.

imageLottie making herself comfortable on my office chair and still to this day she sits there with me edged up to the front.


Lottie taking a dip in the local river in the scorching weather.


Lottie attempting to brush her teeth but hasn’t figured out yet it’s the other end she needs to use.


Lottie playing hide and seek on a friends couch.


Lottie playing peek a boo.


Lottie loving cuddles, which she gets buckets full of free cuddles.


Lottie checking out Scampi & Chips.


Lottie on work experience for the day.


Lottie doing a back scratch or yoga on the new lawn


p style=”text-align:left;”>Lottie is a true companion, she has got me through my good days and bad days. A dog is very therapeutic and I do believe she has prevented me from getting depressed through all my health issues. A dog is truly a mans best friend but in my case a woman’s.

Lottie photos Copyright 2014 Zebrakat


Weekly Blog No 11 – Caring for Goldfish

Scampi & Chips Copyright 2014 - KMcG

Scampi & Chips
Copyright 2014 – KMcG

This weeks challenge is to look after 2 goldfish, oh no Im becoming a fish mom. After last weeks news, my husband brought me 2 goldfish as part of my anniversary gift. I’m glad to see my husband listens to me, as I have been talking about goldfish for a very long time. His ultimate goal was to put a smile on my face and it did.

I bet you’re wondering why the names Scampi & Chips. Well years ago my husband & I would meet for lunch in a quaint pub in West Haddon, Northamptonshire called the Sheaf Inn. We would always order the same meal scampi & chips and maybe a sherry trifle too. We always enjoyed our meal beside the open fire and eventually become regulars such we were treated like family not customers. A beautiful place and excellent customer service.

Here’s a photo of the quaint pub.

The Sheaf, West Haddon, Northampton.

The Sheaf, West Haddon, Northampton.

This is going  to be a learning curve as I’ve only had goldfish when I was a child, after winning them on a game called “hook the duck ” at  Billy Bates Funfair in the UK. Billy Bates Funfair was an annual event at local parks around Leicester

Hook a Duck.

Hook a Duck.

I wanted my goldfish in a bowl not a tank, however that decision could change with time as I am already learning that it makes more sense to have an oxygen pump into the bowl to keep the goldfish alive.  I started  decorating my fish bowl with grey stones, some greenery and a London phone box to impersonate the UK. An idea sprung to mind, if I’m unable to see all the places I want to travel too because of my cancer, I’m going to have fun with Scampi & Chips.  My goldfish are going to travel the globe for me, when I clean the fishbowl  I will change the ornaments too. The goldfish bowl ornaments will represent another country every water change for example the Eifflel Tower, Paris. I may expand on their travels in weeks to come but in the meantime, the goldfish are chilling with the Carcinoid Cancer mascot, the zebra and I’m still on my learning curve.

Scampi & Chips supporting carcinoid cancer.  KMcG 2014 Copyright

Scampi & Chips supporting carcinoid cancer.
KMcG 2014 Copyright

Weekly Blog No 10 – Overcoming Reality.

True Quote

True Quote

This weeks challenge is overcoming reality of the situation and remaining focus.

A week today, I went to see my Oncologist to discuss the way forward. This was going to be a difficult meeting with my Dr due to my recent op and its findings. When I had my liver resection in January, I certainly didn’t expect to be back in hospital in May for an appendix op. I just wasn’t ready for further a operation, nevertheless I was truly sick of being a patient. 4 operations in 14 months, now I’m not looking for sympathy but the reality is when you have cancer you have to be prepared to accept the unexpected as you don’t have control over the situation.

This appointment was to discuss the facts of the current situation, the Oncologist informed me that my cancer had spread and net tumours were located in the mesoappendix. He informed me that the disease was progressing quiet rapidly, which I then asked “how long do I have”. He told me that I have years rather than months but it would be a good idea to start actioning my bucket list immediately as my health is deteriorating and I might be too sick to do activities in the not to distant future.

This was shocking news and no one ever wants to think they are dying especially so young. My immediate thoughts were, how do I tell the family and will I ever work again. My family are both in the UK & Ireland so not really on my doorstep and I do miss work terribly. It’s the 1st time, in 16 months I said “why me” and “how did this happen”. During this week I was experiencing the angry phase too ” why did doctors not detect my symptoms sooner” and ” why was I only diagnosed at Stage 4″ the final stage. I have since calmed down, nevertheless those feelings may come back again with many tears.

The bucket list, I gave it some thought previously and have considered things in the last week including taking ownership of some goldfish. My husband bought me the goldfish this week, which I will discuss further in next weeks challenge. I have came to the conclusion that a bucket list is so final and could be too much pressure. Why put pressure on myself when trying to deal with an illness just makes no sense to me. I will wing it, I will attempt to do things when I can and just make the most of life. This would not be everyone’s decision but Ive been very fortunate in life to have travelled and reach my own personal goals. I will continue to be the proactive person I am as long as my health allows me too. Live life to the fullest is my motto.