Weekly Blog No 78 – Cancer Appearance

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This is just my line of thought but I am sure there are other people who can identify with this. Carcinoid Cancer can be a blessing in regards to your appearance as the majority of us patients don’t experience the physical signs of cancer, weight loss, hair loss and generally looking unwell. I use the word ” blessing” because in my eyes it is a blessing, however people make assumptions reflecting on your appearance.

I have gained weight due to the cancer and the overload medication hasn’t helped. I recently had to get my wedding ring cut off and resized due to weight gain. Whats more I was shocked and on the other hand not surprised that it had to be increased in size by 6 ring sizes, yes 6.  I’m lucky to have long blonde hair that I can style. Furthermore I have black rings under my eyes but that can be concealed with make up. I do have a tendency to not dwell on my illness, therefore its less obvious to some people.

I believe unless people can see the physical signs of a generic cancer you don’t have an illness. I do have a small network of people who thoroughly understand what I am going through on a daily basis.Trust me, I’m feeling the daily effects of cancer and no day is the same, a good day in my eyes maybe completely different to you. I can get excited over achieving the laundry or writing an email to someone. Tasks that I was more than competent on doing with my eyes closed.

This is not about my daily struggles, this is about people assuming your ok because of how you look. Dont make assumptions, communication is key, speak to the patient, and learn what they are having to deal with. It’s the same in regards to interpretation of support but I will save that one for another day.