Weekly Blog No – 67 Memory v List


This week I attempted to make a list as my memory appears to be failing me, it has either being affected by cancer or its my current medication. My memory was as sharp as a tack and my brain was a magnet for words, numbers and photographic data. No one ever wants to accept that you’re losing your memory in any situation. It is quiet frustrating at times especially if it was a personal asset. 

Therefore to all you people losing their memory in one way or another, I do understand.    

They say there is 7 ways of improving your memory loss.

  1. Stay mentally active
  2. Socialise regularly
  3. Get organised.
  4. Sleep well
  5. Eat a healthy diet
  6. Include physical exercise in your daily routine
  7. Manage a chronic disease

I’m sure I could improve on some above items.

I was reading the other day that a couple of symptoms for dementia is B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism. I know that I don’t have dementia but as I have two of the symptoms for the illness due to my cancer they certainly need to be managed to avoid another illness.  

This week I drafted a list of 24 items with 2 or 3 tasks on each line in order to complete the item. This is just an example

Tax Returns – Tel HMRC to change personal details, scan receipts and email accountant with information. 

Yes I’m sure for some people they are very satisfied when they complete an item but for me it was hell. Personally I thought it just emphasised how much I had to do in order to complete one task. I know what was priority and what wasn’t. If the items didn’t get done so what, there’s always another day. I did complete all the items in 2 days but was it job satisfaction, hell no. I think I found my strength and weakness. Strength is what memory I do have and weakness is I hate lists. Will I use them again, yes I will have to if I want to remember things. Maybe I need to explore how to utilise lists better. Are you a list maker?