Weekly Blog No 20 – Preparing for the Inevitable


As I seem to be gaining more health issues, I thought it would be wise to give some consideration into “preparing for the inevitable”. I’ve been doing things on and off for the last few months including entering information into my Katipedia. Link to my earlier blog. Challenge No 2 – Katipedia

I do need to tackle these things when I am of sound mind. I’ve had various conversations with my husband but now it’s time to put things down on paper. Over the next few months I will be planning my funeral, finalising my will, discussing my health care wishes and organizing my financial records. I really don’t want to add to my husband’s grief with him trying to decipher our records to meet my wishes.

This week I held a Q & A on my Facebook to family and friends, there was no bars. No question was considered a stupid question. I’m sure some people think I’m  complete nut case but I wanted to drive awareness of this horrible disease and give people the opportunity to ask me what they are really thinking. I have copied some of the  questions and my responses.
Q. What do u miss doing and why?

A. I do miss work terribly as you know. I did love building relationships, problem solving, helping people meet their construction goals and having responsibility. Maybe I could start a foundation to help people with education in the construction industry.

Q. If you could have one wish what would it be and why?

A. My one wish would be that there is a cure for all cancers. I would Imagine that is the same response for all cancer patients and people who have lost loved ones to cancer.

Q. Kat, you know I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions that probably a lot of people wouldn’t dream of asking. Given that there is no cure for your cancer we are faced with the inevitable truth that this will, at some point, kill you. Are you making preparations for when this day comes?

A. I have given a lot of thought to certain things but most of them are still in my head and not on paper. I’m going to actively get some of them done over the next few months to give me a peace of mind.

Q. Is there anything throughout this NETs journey that you would change, if you could..apart from the obvious?!

A.  I would ask doctors to listen to the patient as they know their body best. Cancer units shouldn’t expect the patient to do their own research, one leaflet through the mail is just not acceptable.

Not every person could even face what I’m doing, unfortunately for me I go back to my work principles by planning. Yes I’ve been called brave and yes maybe I am, however I don’t want my husband to have any added burden. He’s going to be heartbroken and I need him to look after himself and Lottie my little dog. I’ve had a good life and I’m totally content with what I have achieved in my lifetime.

Memories will continue through my family and friends❤️