Weekly Blog No 46 – UK Pillowbox/Post Box


The UK & former/current commonwealth countries landscapes are sprinkled with these cast metal iconic pieces. The bright red pillow box also know as a post box have been around since 1852. This week in the UK, Royal Mail and Historic England (Government Agency) agreed a new policy. Royal Mail will manage, repair and conserve its network of post boxes in their existing locations. Even though this news means nothing to some people, yet for me I feel it’s another attempt to keep UK history alive.

Pillow boxes were introduced into the Channel Island first, closely followed in the UK in 1853. The pillowbox could be seen in green, blue and red. In 1874, the new colour of pillow box red was introduced and became the standard iconic colour that it is today. In 1938, blue airmail boxes were repainted to red and in 2012, Olympic gold medal winners had a pillow box painted gold in their home town.

Blog Andy MurraryAndy Murray – Tennis Player

From 1879, the boxes became standardrized, red, black plinth and with a letter box becoming one of the most recognised symbols today.

I know technology has taken over the way we communicate to each other, however I’m old fashioned at heart, I still like to recieve and send cards/letters for the more personal touch. Whilst I was writing this I was wondering if I will still be alive to see the pen becoming extinct? I wonder.

Blog Pen

A huge thank you to all Royal Mail employees, I am truly grateful for the service that you provide, it still blows my mind that a card/letter can be mailed and recieved in most destinations the following day. The work that goes into my 63p($1.20) stamp charge for a standard letter and delivered through a letter box is a small price to pay. As a cancer patient, to not have to walk through bad weather to a mail box for collection of a mail(like my Canadian experience) or wait days for deliveries is incredible.

 Blog Letter Box


Weekly Blog No 43 – The Differences Between UK & Canada

In this week’s challenge, I thought I would try to explain some of the differences between UK & Canada services, since my return to the UK. Please note this is only my opinion formed from personal experience to date.

Health System 

Just when you think it’s straightforward, you start to get frustrated with protocol.  I’m due my next cancer injection next week yet I’m no nearer to getting the treatment I need.  I know when I’m in the system, I will be ok and I will have access to all relevant parties. I don’t understand why I’m the person who’s doing all the chasing between various parties to do their job. My symptoms are terrible and I need their help to improve my quality of life. NHS you will be the death of me yet.

A further update since writing the above paragraph this morning.

I was in touch with a fellow UK patient this morning and she gave me some great advice. With her guidance,  I reacted and contacted a local Net Nurse via email. I honestly thought I wouldn’t hear from her until tomorrow morning, yet she responded today. She’s arranging my injection for this week and getting me in to see a Net Consultant ASAP.  Thank you L.


Very helpful in the UK, like Canada., absolutely no complaints but just praise for the service.


I’m going to send the UK bank management team to Canada for work experience.  UK banking you believe you are super efficient and provide an excellent customer service, let me tell you, that you are rubbish at execution. We had to speak to 5 different people to open an extra bank account at our branch.

Canada you get the thumbs up. One person and bingo it’s done. Our branch contact in Canada was both super efficient and customer focused, we miss you KNC.

Post Office/Post Man 

My experience to date has been on par with Canada, however UK you get thumbs up for pricing and delivery.  It is wonderful getting my mail through the door before 10.30am in the morning.


Pretty much the same experience although the food variety is so much better in Canada.


British supermarkets are amazing and the choice is incredible. I think Canada learns you to make quicker decisions because you have less choice options. I swear I stood for 15 mins trying to make a decision on coffee.

Watch Repair Man

One service we struggle to find in Canada yet in 10 mins I had two watches replaced with batteries for £8 ($16).


I had built a wonderful relationship with my pharmacy in Canada and had found them to be excellent to deal with. In the UK, I will have to make the same relationship, however my first visit to an UK pharmacy was interesting to say the least. A woman was verbally abusing the pharmacist and then she continued to abuse a customer waiting for her meds. I turned to my husband and said “welcome back to the UK”.

I’m really happy to be back, nevertheless clearly there is pros and cons to every country.