Weekly Blog No 13 – Saskatoon Farm

After an exhausting week of scans, my husband and I decided to take a trip down Highway 2 to a place called Saskatoon Farm. I am assuming the farm was named after North American fruit. Saskatoon berries are grown on dense bushes in Western Canada, a dark purple fruit, which tastes both sweet and nutty. It is staple food with multi uses, jams, syrup and pies the list is endless.

Saskatoon Farm is a property with multi uses, a garden centre, a shop, a party venue, a chicken pen and a café. The farm has created various buildings that resemble a street scene in old town. I have taken various photos around the farm to show you its beauty and appeal to many visitors.


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Street Scene


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External Seating

I think they have really capture the old town feel.

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Home Accessories

This is a small section of the home accessories, they have arranged the accessories into colours and themes. I brought two pieces of art for my home so that my Great Room & Laundry could be katjazzled.

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A beautiful bride & groom just married

We were very fortunate to see a bride and groom who just got married at the farm in one of the greenhouse areas.

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Chicken Pen

I love chickens, it reminds me of happier times on my grandparents farm in Ireland.

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Another Beautiful Building


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Totem Pole

Another couple of photos around the farm, certainly worth a visit.

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