About Me

A little about me, I’m a Brit who has lived both sides of the pond. I’ve worked most of my life in the construction industry both in the UK & Canada. Since my twenties, I’ve been fighting various health issues but I’ve just dealt with them as they came along with the guidance of the medical profession. I’ve not been a person to sit back and wait for things to happen, that’s just not me. In 2009, my husband & I moved to Canada for a slower pace of life., however we have returned to the UK at the end of May 2015.

In 2010, I had developed some back pain and it became more clear whilst working on a construction site in Canada. To cut the story short I had 2 spine operations that failed and had a 3rd in July 2013 after being diagnosed and treated with carcinoid cancer. In Mar 2013, I was rushed to hospital for stomach pain only to be diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumours on my midgut following a bowel resection operation. In the months to follow, I commenced treatment for carcinoid syndrome and was diagnosed with liver metastases. In Jan 2014, I had a liver resection operation and gallbladder removal. In May 2014,  I had emergency surgery on my appendix where cancer was located again and confirmed on the pathology report  In July 2014, my oncologist told me I had 1-3 years to live as my cancer is progressing quicker than predicted. In the meantime, I’m on various medication and a monthly injection to control things. This is a rare incurable cancer and survival is down to monitoring, medication and a positive mind.

In April 2015, I had my 4th spine surgery on my lumbar spine and we don’t know if there is a connection between the spine problems and carcinoid cancer that is causing my ongoing spine problems.

Its now springtime, March 2016, and I have more progression of cancer in my liver and abdominal  area. In the meantime, undertaking more tests and waiting for treatment plan. In November 2016, I was told I’m stable.

Its May 2017, I’ve been told again I have progression in peritoneal and liver areas. Read weekly blog no 100 for latest info.

Nov 2017 just about for a further op on my bowels and remove my ovaries due to tumours.

The reason for my blog is that I don’t have the energy I once had and with my carcinoid cancer/symptoms. My life can be very restricted at times. I want to attempt a weekly blog, whether it be baking a cake or writing about something I believe to be interesting.

If my blog motivates people, makes people smile, gives you something to read or offers you some additional knowledge/tips. I’ve achieved what I set out to do.