Weekly Blog No 15 – Recycled Cable Reels

This weeks challenge was to recycle two industrial cable reels into usable yard/garden furniture. I was able to source a couple of cable reels from a local contractor and decided to go ahead with my vision. I knew that I wanted the cable reels to look as rustic and as original as possible. This meant that I wasn’t going to fill in all the holes, remove nuts & bolts or remove any old staples. I wasn’t going to replace any cracked or missing timber, install any additional timber to improve the piece and I certainly wasn’t going make too many improvements to alter its original form. My vision was a little paint and some rope.

I had decided that I needed a couple of side tables around the yard/garden, one beside the bbq and the other one in between the sun loungers. As my existing garden furniture was either dark grey to black in colour, I wanted to keep the colour theme throughout the garden. I chose a lovely shade of dark grey exterior grade matt finish paint to cover the pieces and I wanted the rope not only to get an industrial look but also to represent cable on a reel. I have to say I love to paint and find the process very therapeutic, there’s something very satisfying with changing the look of something.

As the weather has been lovely the last couple of weeks, I managed to do the painting outside, whilst listening to Capital Radio London. The London travel news is most pleasing when you are hundreds and hundreds miles away, no long traffic queues for me.

Photo 1

Photo 1

 The cable reel in its original state prior to painting


Photo 2

Photo 2

The cable reel after 2 coats of exterior grade paint and prior to the rope finish.

Photo 3

Photo 3

The cable reel central column completed with rope and clear varnish finish.


Photo 4

Photo 4

The cable reel table in-situ between the sun loungers.

I’m happy with the completed look, however sad that summer is nearly over and I’m not going to fully utilize the piece this year. I should maybe consider taking orders for the unique piece; you could have the colour of your choice with or without the rope.


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