Weekly Blog No 6 – Home Staging – Katjazzled

Sketches by Isabelle Max

Sketches by Isabelle Max

Whilst recovering from my recent op it allows me time to think,which is so dangerous. My greatest ideas always come to me in bed as soon as I wake up. I wonder if anyone else experiences this? I was lying in my bed one morning thinking about the bedrooms that haven’t been accessorized yet or should I say Katjazzeled (another play on words). In the UK, let’s just say vajazzel means decorating something with stones and sparkle.

We moved into our new house in December 2013 and our bedrooms have not been Katjazzeled as yet. My initial thoughts were I need to reconfigure furniture as something is not quiet working. This is menacing when I get into this mode because it always involves work for my husband, bless him. My first issue was our master bedroom because it has to much wood going on, what I mean by that is our bedroom has a mountain/cabin feel. Don’t be misled, I love wooden furniture and always incorporate it into our house. The other issue I had was in Canada/USA they love high beds and this is due to the box spring and mattress combination, which is clearly to elevated for me. You all know I’ve had a few ops, so nowadays I always find it easier to sleep in an English bed, a bed frame and mattress combination. My poor husband had the task of moving two beds, side tables and a blanket box. The outcome was I had 3 improved spacious bedrooms ready to be Katjazzeled.

The fun part is going to begin, I have to consider bedding, pictures and mirrors etc. I have a good base colour of cream walls and beige carpets however I need some injection of colour. I do have a passion for interiors as I started to train as an interior designer and later became a certified home stager. I should really explore this more because I get such a buzz walking around home interior shops. Only time will tell if I’m able to pursue this avenue assuming my illness allows me too. I know for sure, I would donate some of my income to carcinoid cancer in one way or another.


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